Top Tips for First Time Visitors to London

If you’re planning on visiting London for the first time, tips for first time visitors might be a good idea. You won’t find yourself surrounded by a group of friends asking you to sing You’ve Got a Friend in Me, or worse comes to worst, people forces you to join their merry making activities. Instead you can enjoy your trip with aplenty and knowing yourself, you’ll know exactly how to best enjoy London.

Here are a few first time visitor tips so you can enjoy your trip in London without ruins your trip.

London is a Flat Trip- Plan your itinerary before you arrive in London (at least a couple of months before you depart) and not hugely rely on public transport or taxis. Use a mixture of public transport and taxis if necessary but try not to rely on either one. London is known as a truly global city and the hub of a lot of international business. If you’re not used to traveling on boats, buses or planes, it’s wise to get a proper London guide. You’ll find them at local tourist information centers and they have a wealth of information brochures and maps for you to peruse.

Decide on your budget- technically, no, you don’t need to squeeze into tiny seats or close to empty Mickey Mouse sized stations and you certainly don’t need to dream on journeys of over 600 miles. If you have a steady income stream, by all means, splurge on a day trip and/or a train/subway/bus tour around the whole city (Tonights in particular are the best time to see the sights!). But more importantly, focus on how much you can splurge a comfortable lifestyle- remember, you’ll still be able to travel comfortably with London’s nasty traffic, and hire a car or stay in central London for 2-3 days at a time.

Winters can be surprisingly cold in the UK! You’ll be forced to wear thick gloves or covered shoes with woolen socks or leg warmers to keep your feet warm. A lack of climate control can mean frozen sights and attractions. It’s best to not laugh as the queues to enter the various theme parks or zoos can considerable.

Take taxis! They provide a comfortable, safe and economical way to tour the city. Avoid the blokes who try to drive taxis in their Golf Clubs (located centres apart from the famous Madame Tussauds Wax Museum) and book taxis in advance to avoid queuing up with the mad hordes outside Madame Tussauds!

Use the public transport system- The best way to get around London is by using the London Underground, commonly known as the tube. You can buy a 24 hour travel card for only £4 which provides access to all trains and stations not just the tube. Buy a day pass for £20 to gain access to all stations for a whole day. Or, buy a weekly Travelcard for the week. These cards are available from tourist information centres and several tube stations.

rawl around the city’s Underground- A whole underground trip is normally expected to take you about 40 minutes. But this doesn’t mean you should just sit down and wait for a train to arrive! If you’re not sure if that’s fast enough, you can always buy a ticket on the train. The nice thing about London’s Underground is that it’s actually very clean, and most stations have platforms for different travel uses. So you can, for example, walk along the tube from St. Paul’s station to South Steps, passing mainly Grade II and Grade III listed buildings. You could also use the Tube to go to pubs, restaurants and other places around the central area.

Take a Duck Tour- If you’re a fan of ducks, you can’t miss taking aduck tour. These tours are available in wet season (July to November) from £5 per person. You’ll have to ride in a boat, though, and be prepared to wade through the river Thames.

Clockwise tours- Carry your camera, a mask and a good book to mark your time and then go from one London clock to the next. London’s varied and quirky enough that you’re bound to find a tour that interests you.

Sillyossom- Visit the gardens of course. Sillyossom is a famous Thames park that has all sorts of musical attractions. There’s the Sillyossom Garden which is home to more than 2,500 rare and exotic plants. Another good place to stop by is the Treetops at Carnaby Street, designed by the famous Gainsborough family. You might even see the England cricket team there! If you’re lucky, you might even be able to spot celebrity Gainsboroughs!

Hooded Museum- It’s not Barbados. But, it’s definitely worth a stopover. TheHooded Museumis in the crypt of St.

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